I’m interested in photographing small to large scale sporting events between the Gold and Sunshine Coasts, including dressage, showjumping, show hack and more. I’m equipped with high performance telephoto lenses for capturing every moment from a safe distance. Anyone can easily purchase photos within a few days of an event.

I’m also open to requests for other types of shoots, be they clinics or special occasions. Pricing is negotiable.


What do I receive when I purchase a photo?

Digital Downloads will be attached to an email as JPG files, and all purchased photos are completely free of watermarks.

Digital Downloads are available in two sizes; small and original. If you select small you’ll receive a JPG file scaled down to 2000 pixels on the long edge (approx. 2.6 megapixels). Original or Full size means the image hasn’t been scaled down after it came off the camera, this is usually from 12 to 25 megapixels.

Choose small if you only want to share a photo on the web, and choose original if you’re planning to print it on paper or canvas. At the moment you cannot order prints directly from RowanW Photo, but the digital files can be used at any print shop.

What can I do with photos I’ve purchased?

Purchased photos can be shared publicly or printed for personal use. Additionally, they may be used for advertising a horse for sale.

Permission must be granted by RowanW Photo before photos can be used for commercial reasons such as book or magazine publishing, advertising (except horse-for-sale ads), reselling, etc. Contact RowanW Photo if you have any questions.

Can I share watermarked photos even if I haven’t purchased them?

Yes, as long as the watermark isn’t removed and credit is given to the photographer.

How do I get a discount?

Some albums and product types have package discounts that are automatically applied when you add photos to your cart. View a photo to see which packages are available, when you have a certain number of items in your cart your discount will be applied.

What are the prices?

Pricing can be different from album to album, you can see the prices by opening an album and clicking on a photo thumbnail.